Online Lessons from Andy Thompson

For Players of All Skill Levels

I teach beginners to world class Tour Pros with remote putting lessons. No matter where you are in the world, I can help you improve. To give you the best analysis possible, I would like to receive 6 videos – front view and back view for a straight, left to right and right to left putt. If it is your first online lesson with me please send a close up photo or video of your grip.

Who this will help

  • You like to get some direction, but want to work on making changes by yourself
  • You want individualized putting instruction from a top putting instructor
  • You have or will get the free V1 Ap
  • You can provide necessary video as requested on V1
  • You will take the time to fill out the evaluation form
  • You want to work at improving your putting and are willing to receive input
  • SAMPutt or TOMI or Blast Motion reports if you have them
  • You currently do not work with a qualified putting instructor

(This is not meant to replace instruction with a strong putting coach in a one on one setting)