I couldn’t wait to talk to Randy after he went in for his “putter fitting”. He asked me about his putter (since he should be able to do some of that as he recovers from his hip surgery)…and I told him that he really needed to see you! I’m so glad he went. He was excited and a little “bummed” out (I think), that you found out his putting was working for him and fit him well. I’m sure he would have enjoyed a new “toy”, but really appreciated your honest professional opinion. I had encouraged him to get the Edel putter if it would be a better fit for him…… I was was VERY pleased that you took so much time with him and were thorough in your diagnoses that his putter was a good fit and working for him! It gives me great confidence to recommend students to you guys since you truly look out for what is BEST for your clients ~ you’ve built a great reputation that way! Thank you, Andy!