I am using the AimPoint Express with much success. I am enjoying my best putting ever! I shot my best 18 hole round ever a few weeks ago (a 6-under 66) and a few weeks before that I shot 68 with a streak of 6 straight birdies for a 6-under 30 on the front nine (my best 9 hole round ever). On the 6 birdie streak, 5 of the birdies were from 8-15 feet (not tap-ins!). I play most of my golf at my home course, and I find that even though I know which way the greens roll, this system helps me take the guesswork out of exactly how much break is in the putt. I also agree with your statement from class that having confidence in my line helps me put a confident roll on the ball instead of being tentative, hoping I have the line correct, or worst case, altering my stroke at the last minute thinking I have the wrong line. I just read it, step up with confidence, and roll it on that line. And the results are amazing. People kid me about the finger thing at first (e.g “OK Adam Scott….”), but once they see me roll the putts in they get quiet in a hurry. On long putts of 20-40 feet, I am making more of these than I ever have, and the ones that I miss are burning the edges. Every putt I hit seems to have a chance to go in. I told a friend that I am putting so well that I’m just trying to get my approach on the green because I feel like I can make anything. It’s really fun!

Thanks for following up – all is going well!